Had a terrific time at Penguicon in Troy, MI last weekend!  It was the first con this year where I haven’t had a table or anything so I could just wander and enjoy the con, and I thoroughly did.

On Friday night I went to the launch party for Gozer Game’s game, “Vampire Werewolf Fairies”.  It’s a very fun and funny card game which I had the pleasure of doing some illustrations for and it just went on sale this past weekend, yay! The party was great but unfortunately I was really tired so I ended up going to bed early.  Saturday I went to lots of panels and then the debut performance of a cool new band called Silent Nightmare. They have a really neat operatic metal sound which reminds me a lot of Visual Kei. After that I headed over to their after party where they had a coffee based drink called Awakening that I very much liked. I wandered around to some of the other parties too but I ended up spending most of my time either visiting with people in the smoking section (as usual) or at the Silent Nightmare party.  Sunday I rocked the dealer room looking for bargains. I got an adorable new hat and two awesome necklaces and only spent $50 total, yay Sunday deals!!!

The most unexpected surprise of the weekend, however, came just as I was leaving. A very nice guy stopped me in the hallway and told me he liked the comic! That was really nice and totally made my weekend, so thank you, Guy-In-The-Purple-Wig! (Sorry I didn’t get your name, I was so surprised I didn’t know what to say ^_^O)  Anyway, thanks Penguicon, good times all-round!