From just looking at a transformation sequence you might be inclined to think, “That can’t be too hard to draw! I mean, there are no backgrounds to worry about and not too many panels. Just characters in interesting poses and some sparkly effects, so what?”  At least that’s what I thought when I started work on this page. Oh, how wrong I was! I had yet to understand the wonderful madness that comes with drawing a page like this.

Last Wednesday I began work on page 15 figuring I could crank it out by the end of the week and actually be ahead of schedule for once. What I failed to take into account was since there’s no plot-specific dialog or action driving the story on a page like this it’s merely a showpiece, something pretty to look at, so everything has to look extra-good.  There are a ton of tiny details to be tweaked and retweaked to make those sparkly effects look right and if they are neglected the entire thing flies apart into a confusing, inky mess.

Though it has been tricky I have to say I am pretty happy with the outcome.  It’s not 100% spot on to the vision I had in my head but it’s pretty darn close. I got a chance to experiment with some new effects and learned quite a bit along the way too, so time well spent. I think this is actually my favorite page so far (looks-wise, time-wise not so much).  Hope you all enjoy looking at it too!