Hello again! This is gonna be a long-ish post, so if you wanna read it all just click on the title to go to the News page.

While at C2E2 a couple people where kind enough to take a moment and interview us about the comic. It was very cool and totally unexpected.  If you’d like to see/ hear Joshua and I talk about the comic, the Con and other such stuff here are some links:

Dark Discussions with Decapitated Dan – http://comicrelated.com/news/11381/dark-discussions-31 Dan is super nice, we’ve stayed in touch since then and he even set me up with an appearance at Evil Squirrel Comics for Free Comic Book Day!

TGT Webcomics – http://tgtwebcomics.com/interview/c2e2-2011-neko-pilarcik/ Video interviews with me, Joshua, and our table mate Randy Field, Mayor of Problemtown.

Bleeding Cool – http://www.bleedingcool.com/2011/03/19/c2e2-artists-alley-part-one-by-greg-baldino-and-samantha-lafountain/ They mentioned us in their floor report from C2E2, neat!

Finally, a brief mention from Webcomic Alliance – http://www.webcomicalliance.com/conventions/c2e2-2011-roaming-the-floor/

I’m so happy that people where interested enough in this crazy little comic to stop and talk with us.  I also learned two valuable lessons at C2E2 : 1) When I get excited I talk really really loud.  In the TGT interview they where picking me up on both the hand held and camera mics so I have kind of an echo thing going on.  2) I appear to be having a torrid love affair with the word “umm”! ^_^O  I seem to use it as much as I can, as a period, an adjective, everywhere.  Need to work on that.

It was a great experience and really surprising especially since this comic is so new.  I can’t wait for the next Con!