We celebrated the launch of the comic with a tea party Saturday night which was a lot of fun. We served up some ghoulish versions of tea party classics such as Cthulhu Cookies, adorable little green and pink marzipan made by Matt of Gozer Games, Eyeball Cookies and Lady Fingers shaped like actual fingers (courtesy of Jerry), and two of my favorite spiked teas. The room was packed and everyone seemed to have a great time, I know I did.

To my surprise Rob Balder of Erf World showed up with a box of exotic and delicious liquor to offer, but unfortunately in the chaotic rush of opening the party we couldn’t find a way to properly utilize his generosity. It all worked out in the end though as he ended up throwing an impromptu Proof Party for the Erf World graphic in his room. We stopped by later and enjoyed some of his delicious creations and I got a chance to check out the newly printed Erf World graphic, it looks terrific! Erf World is a hilarious fantasy epic, I find myself wondering why I hadn’t checked it out sooner, but I’m definitely picking up the graphic when it comes out at the end of February. I highly recommend checking it out: www.erfworld.com.

All in all a fun con and a terrific kickoff for the comic!